Monday, September 9, 2013

Rome Countryside Castles and Museums

Rome Countryside Castles Museums and Archeological Sites

Castles Museums and Archeological Sites The area just south and east of Rome, known as the Castelli Romani e Prenestini, comprises a network of museums and archeological sites in several small historic towns. The twenty cultural venues are representative of the area’s rich historic, artistic and cultural heritage in:

-  History and Archeology
-  Anthropology
-  Science and the Environment
-  Culture and Religion

A unique opportunity for vacationing families and culture professionals alike to walk ancient trails, become acquainted with old traditions and visit:

-  small historic towns
-  churches and convents
-  medieval palaces
-  Roman aqueducts and imperial navy ships
-  a wine producing town and even
-  a toy museum

Personalized itineraries of Roman countryside castles, museums and archeological sites

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