Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Local Museums + Train Stations and Libraries

Local Museums + Train Stations  and Libraries

Summary Our business works in communities in Europe, North America and developing nations with a focus on sustainable tourism, and environmental projects. The objective is to create new small businesses in these areas; the starting point of this effort is the training of new entrepreneurs in key skill areas, including: tourism operations, customer service, energy savings, water resources management and, in some cases, library management.

Objectives In each community, a facility – small museum, train station, library, civic center or other similar public or private building – is the point of reference to carry out the above referenced training as well as to act as info point, meeting place and event location for local residents as well as visitors (tourists and entrepreneurs form other communities) acting as the point of reference in the local area for cultural and other itineraries. Each community has unique capabilities.

A Collaboration with your facility is open- ended, can be terminated at any time and does not impact on current resources; where staff time is involved, it will be compensated on terms and conditions to be negotiated on a project basis.

Partial facilities use for meetings, events and the tourism info point can be paid:

o   At rates to be negotiated, or
o   In Kind with equipment, apps, etc… for use by the general public

The Results of this effort are:

·         job creation in the community,
·         new revenue and tax receipts from tourism and environment activities,
·         a further positioning of your structure as the community’s most important asset.

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