Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lombardy Countryside Itineraries

Lombardy Countryside Tours

Itinerary Highlights Just outside Milan there are opportunities to experience the rich culture, history and traditions present in small towns and the surrounding countryside, including:

o   renaissance squares, palaces and churches, a toy museum with painted and handmade 17th  and 18th century masterpieces
o   farmhouses with the  authentic atmosphere of a Lombard farm and its traditions, fine arts archives and unique local food specialties, and
o   the last brick-kiln in the region, a beautiful example of industrial archeology where the historic roots of this ancient building blend with the works of local artists
o   sailing the Adda and Po Rivers – Italy’s largest

Food and Wine Programs The Lombardy region has three main wine producing areas:

·         Franciacorta specializing in sparkling wines, among the best in Italy and a serious competitor to the French champagne
·         Oltrepo Pavese well known in Italy and abroad, and
·         San Colombano south of Milan in the Lodi area with a niche production of selected wines

Regional wine selections are accompanied by typical local dishes made with fresh seasonal ingredients handpicked at local markets.

For a unique cultural and culinary experience in theLombardy Region of Italy

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