Monday, July 22, 2013

Local Partners and Projects

A local, collective, private and public, entrepreneurial and sustainable economic development effort to create new employment and wealth opportunities:

Local a project made specifically for your community that draws on the history, traditions and talents that are unique to your town and region; shared, and paid for in part, with the participation and resources of visiting individuals, families, businesses, non profits and many others.

Collective a multidisciplinary approach that rests on the following wealth creating pillars: 
o   education and training
o   water conservation and management
o   energy savings and creation programs
o   tourism services
o   local typical products

Private and Public drawing on the resources, expertise and vantage points of both in a carefully constructed partnership that is unique to the culture, values and needs of your territory

Entrepreneurial the freedom to be creative, to try something new, to fail in order to succeed! 

Sustainable quality skills that empower the individual to create new wealth in the community in respect of the environment

Where history and culture, knowledge and learning, local citizens and visitors, the past and the future can come together and, building on past achievements, create new opportunities with:
  • online, on location and on the job training programs for new small businesses and entrepreneurs to manage tourism, energy and water resources utilizing 
  • a build, operate and transfer program, and  
  •  an energy and water services performance contract in public and private facilities such as museums, libraries, community and civic centers

a project developed with existing resources and savings invested in local activities

we can help make one for you   

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